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With a genuine concern for producing the very best omega 3 supplements for your pet, Alaska Naturals® is your source for wild caught, USA-made fish oils.

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Who We Are

And What We Do

Alaska Naturals Pet Products, the pet channel of Trident Seafoods-the largest vertically integrated seafood processor in North America, brings your pet the natural bounty of the sea in fluid form with our Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil. The perfect addition to raw diets, homemade diets, soft foods, freeze dried and dry kibble. Whatever you are serving your pet family, we have you covered to add a very rich absorbable healthy omega 3.

Our oils are a product of the unmatched wild caught seafood harvest off the 34,000 miles of Alaska, USA coastline. Our products come from fish caught in the USA, by fishermen from the USA, processed in the USA and manufactured in the USA.

We own and operate 9 land based processing facilities in Alaska, own and operate 40 ships in Alaska. We are committed to fishing and investing in Alaska. We bring the best of Alaska’s omega 3 supplementation to your pets bowl.


How We Work

Our oils are extracted using a centrifugation process that applies low heat and a super-fast spin to insure the natural goodness of the DHA and EPA long chain omega 3 essential fatty acids oils is maintained. DHA and EPA from marine sourced fish are the best source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Alaska waters offer some of the cleanest most pristine waters on earth. There is very little industrial pollution that enters the waters, the temperature is cold and the currents are swift and cleansing. What this means is that our testing show that pollutants are extremely low to non-existent in our overall catch. We are able to offer omega 3 oils that are in natural form instead of from high-heat distillation that is necessary in oils from highly polluted waters.

Plant sourced omega 3’s are an inferior source because they are comprised of short chained ALA omega 3. ALA is not readily accepted by the body initially and must be converted to DHA and EPA for them to be absorbed by the body. This conversion takes 100% ALA and produces 5-15% of the useful DHA or EPA molecules.

Farmed fish just do not have the same amount of DHA and EPA. The reason being is that wild fish have natural diets in raw form. Man cannot perfectly replicate the natural diet of mother earth so the feed that is given to farmed stock is an inferior diet in comparison. Farmed fish also live in small environs of nets or pens creating a lethargic stock living in a far less clean environment. Farmed fish yield of oil can be identified in lower milligram or percentage measurements compared to wild fish.