For us, sustainability isn’t just a badge or a stamp to make our products more desirable. Sustainability is an investment in our future. It’s a way to ensure this resource is still around for our kids, and their kids. It’s why we invest in and support the local communities where we fish. Sustainable, responsible fishing is one of our core beliefs, and it’s also one of the many reasons we love fishing in the beautiful Alaskan waters—they’ve actually have written into their state constitution that all fisheries must follow the strictest of sustainability guidelines.

We understand that fish is not something we own. It has been entrusted with our care. We support fisheries as much as they support us. How we fish today affects the quality of our food and the health of coastal fishing communities tomorrow. It’s why we’re committed to balancing responsible business practices with the sustainable use of natural resources.

The US North Pacific and Bering Sea have notoriously well-managed fisheries based on sound science and robust governance. We actively participate in regional and federal fisheries management processes and support research to keep our fisheries and communities healthy and thriving.

We respect our surrounding environment the same way we respect fisheries — by honoring our responsibility in the way we use resources. Because we process as well as harvest seafood, we can hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability - we are constantly innovating to reduce the environmental footprint of vessel and shore operations.

Our longstanding reputation as a trusted resource in the seafood industry is based on following objective science. For customers that require external verification, we offer two options to make certification claims: Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).